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Bourbon and Bowties Jewelry

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It all started when Ochs made a few bracelets for family and friends with some stones she brought back from China. One night, she wrapped one of her newly made bangles around a red Solo cup and the name Bourbon and Boweties was born.

At the urging of friends, Ochs showed her jewelry to a store in Charleston, S.C., which immediately agreed to sell them in August 2012. She sought out her first 10 stores, but every store after has found her through word of mouth.

By November 2012, she was overwhelmed with orders from more than 45 stores -- she was hand-making each bracelet and tracking every order, all on her own. So she trained her mom and her brother's girlfriend to make the bracelets to help her.

By July 2013, Ochs realized they needed full-time help, so the company started contracting out the jewelry-making to local women.

Ochs still hand-selects every stone, meeting stone suppliers and shapers around the world.