Karen's Hallmark Shop

Due to the current changes Karen's Hallmark Shop is facing with related Covid-19 challenges, we are taking all the necessary safety measures in order to keep our store as clean and safe as possible. All employees and vistors should not enter the store if they are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone experiencing symptoms in the last 14 days. We are also encouraging customers to maintain a minimum of 6 feet from others and wear facial coverings. Our employees will be wearing facial coverings and cleanly consistently throughout each day. We can assure you we are striving to make our customers feel safe and welcome in our store. Curbside service is available if requested.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns at (434) 791-3737.

Thank you.



2021 Holidays


New Year's Day 1/1

  • New Year's Day card
  • New Year's Day invitations
  • New Year's Day ornaments

Valentine's Day 2/14

  • Valentine's Day cards
  • Valentine's Day gifts
  • Valentine's Day ornaments
  • Valentine's Day gift wrap 

St. Patrick's Day 3/17

  • St. Patrick's Day cards
  • St. Patrick's Day invitations
  • St. Patrick's Day ornaments 

April Fools' Day 4/1

  • April Fools' Day cards

Easter 4/4

  • Easter cards
  • Easter gifts
  • Easter ornaments 

Administrative Professionals' Day 4/21

  • Administrative Professionals' Day cards

Teacher Appreciation Week 5/03-5/07

  • Teacher Appreciation cards
  • Bus Driver Appreciation cards

Nurses' Day 5/6

  • Nurses' Day cards 

Mother's Day 5/9

  • Mother's Day cards
  • Mother's Day gifts
  • Mother's Day ornaments 

Memorial Day 5/31

  • Memorial Day cards

Father's Day 6/20

  • Father's Day cards
  • Father's Day gifts 

Fourth of July 7/4

  • 4th of July cards
  • 4th of July gifts
  • 4th of July invitations
  • 4th of July ornaments

Grandparents Day 9/12

  • Grandparents Day cards

National Boss' Day 10/16

  • National Boss Day cards 

Halloween 10/31

  • Halloween cards
  • Halloween gifts
  • Halloween invitations
  • Halloween ornaments 

Veterans Day 11/11

  • Veterans Day cards

Thanksgiving 11/25

  • Thanksgiving cards
  • Thanksgiving gifts
  • Thanksgiving invitations
  • Thanksgiving ornaments 

Hanukkah 11/28-12/6

  • Hanukkah cards

Christmas 12/25

  • Christmas cards
  • Christmas gifts 
  • Christmas ornaments 

Kwanzaa 12/26-1/1

  • Kwanzaa cards